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In today’s competitive economy, every dollar spent on advertising counts. Unfortunately, many businesses and organizations unwisely overlook the tremendous value and benefits offered by door hanger advertising when planning their marketing campaign. Door hangers are one of the least expensive and most easily distributed types of advertising used in today’s marketing toolbox.


Door hangers can serve many different purposes for different types of organizations. Door hangers can be used to share information, for instance letting people know about seasonal changes in wildlife behavior. Or to build name recognition; a pizza place will surely be called as the customer remembers their brand and logo the next time they are hungry for dinner. Door hangers can promote a new product or service, provide a calling card, or just let your prospect you have “stopped by” to invite them to try out your business.


One of the main benefits of advertising with door hangers is their stand-alone presence. Your message will be the only one seen or heard while the customer walks into their home. Moreover, it will be taken into the home. Door hangers differ from mailers or flyers in that their message is placed on sturdy, heavy weight paper and is less likely to be thought of as “trash”.


Door hangers can be distributed in broad areas or highly targeted areas. Door hanger advertising can contain a highly personal message directed at specific demographic in a specific neighborhood, or it can be used to broadcast a time-sensitive promotion for a major business chain. With nationwide door hanger distribution, your message can hit whole regions in the western, southern, or eastern United States. Door hangers can be distributed to smaller areas of in a county, city, or even segments of a neighborhood.


Door hangers provide an opportunity for creatively expressing your brand, logo, or services with high quality design and paper. It is an excellent way to promote your brand on the front with a coupon or special offer on the back. Consider the length, shape, and layout of your door hanger. A longer door hanger can add multiple coupons. A short door hanger can be great for a calling card or personal invite. An image of your target customer using your product or service with a smile can create a powerful association of pleasure with your company’s name.


As you can see, door hanger advertisement can provide a powerful solution to any organization or promotion. Imagine your company’s name at your prospect’s finger tips. It’s that easy. Use them today. 

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