You have an event coming up and you are ready to start your marketing campaign. You’ve decided to use the powerful tool of direct marketing and you purchase a door hanger advertising campaign. You are excited about the possibility of selling your products, increasing your customer base, and getting more people to your sales event. But something terrible happened with your campaign that you couldn’t foresee.


As it turned out, the employee who was delivering your door hanger advertisements that day got a call on his cellphone mid-route. It was from his girlfriend and she needed him to come pick her up right away. The delivery service employee explained that he couldn’t; he wasn’t done working. She suggested he dump the ads into a nearby trash dumpster. No one would know: not his supervisors, not the door hanger delivery service, and especially not your business!


A scary scenario, but this can happen if you go with the wrong door hanger company. What can happen if it starts to rain or snow in the middle of the delivery service? How will you know that the whole route, not just a part of it, is delivered? What if your delivery service decides they will deliver your door hanger campaign on a different day than the one you agree upon, at their convenience that is? Certainly these are all problem situations that you hope you will never encounter. But unfortunately, they are a real possibility.


The good news is that these nightmare scenario can be easily avoided by going with a company that uses Global Positioning System or GPS tracking technologies to provide proof beyond a doubt that your door hangers are distributed throughout the entire route and that it goes into the hands of your target audience, not the local dumpster.


The GPS is turned on at the beginning of the door hanger delivery route and kept on the entire time. The GPS tracker will provide data on location and time of delivery so you will be assured that the correct route is delivered on time. You can verify that your message got where it was supposed to go.


Without GPS tracking you leave your company vulnerable to the above scenarios and other possible short cuts. Give yourself and your company the gift of peace of mind. Get proof. Get GPS door hanger delivery service.

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