Frequently Asked Questions


You may be wondering…


Do door hangers really work?


Yes! Door hangers have been around a long time for a reason: they do work! Door hangers are…

·         Inexpensive and can be scaled to fit any budget

·         Concise yet powerful and often provide extra value for customer

·         Handled by the target customer (unlike television, internet, or radio ads)

·         Viewed without any competing advertisement (at the front door)


How much does it cost?


Door hangers are very inexpensive compared to other types of media. The costs of your delivery service will vary according to the services requested in the order. Factors to take into account are: the number of units delivered, the weight of the advertisements, and the complexity of the location.


How many door hangers should I order?


Our door hanger delivery service begins at 5000 units. We will discuss your needs and make suggestions that best fit your situation.


Will you deliver my business cards along with sample products, pens, etc.?


Yes! Our delivery service specializes in flexible front door advertisement delivery. Costs will vary depending upon number, weight and the complexity of the location of service.


What areas do you deliver to?


We deliver to most places in the Las Vegas Valley. This includes Las Vegas, downtown, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Winchester, Spring Valley and other surrounding areas. But we provide the added value of targeting a specific demographic within those areas if you choose, for instance, high income neighborhoods.


How long will it take to deliver my order?


Because our distribution team hand delivers each piece door to door, deliver times vary according the number of units in the order, the complexity of the location and the weight of the merchandise delivered. The average completion time for most orders is 2 to 5 days.


How will I know that you delivered my whole campaign?


Each of our members are outfitted with GPS tracking technology which records his or her location, the date and the time. You will be able to verify that your campaign was thoroughly executed. We also provide digital photographic verification to provide an alternative source of proof.


Why should I go with your company instead of a competitor?


We are experienced professionals who are committed to providing exceptional delivery service. We offer competitive pricing and a high standard of quality. We hold ourselves accountable to you through GPS Tracking and Photo Verification. We stand by our service and want your repeat business!


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