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Have you thought about advertising with flyers lately? With all the buzz about “social media”, perhaps you have forgotten about the “old standby” of flyers advertising. Flyers are still around for one reason—they work. If flyer advertising didn’t work, no one would bother. Flyer distribution is still one of the fastest and cheapest ways to get the word out about your political event, non-profit fundraiser, or semi-annual sale. Flyers are out in the field working for you, soliciting business, while you are working on running the business.


The goal of any flyer distribution campaign is to move people to action. Businesses can avoid making crucial mistakes when creating a flyer campaign by presenting their products, services, and promotions as a solution to the customer’s needs. What do people want? More time, more money, and more good feelings. When thinking about your flyer advertisements, address these needs. Put more than your company’s name and a phone number on the flyer. Express a desire to help alleviate the problems of your target audience. Speaking directly to the customer’s needs will motivate customers and give them a clear reason to visit your business.


Flyer advertisements can also have a pass-along effect. Perhaps someone who was handed a flyer was not interested in the particular product, service, or promotion mentioned at that moment. Someone else who did not receive the flyer first hand may be. Flyer distribution can be passed on a second or third time and gain subsequent viewings at no cost to you. “What’s on that flyer”? Other potential customers will want to know.


Flyer advertisements are extremely flexible and can be distributed nationwide, targeting specific regions, cities, or zip codes. Flyer distribution can also target micro-areas, such as apartment complexes or neighborhoods near your restaurant or hair salon. Flyers can be distributed in parking lots, at festivals, at political gatherings, or community events to target specific audiences with similar demographics.


Furthermore, flyers distribution can target large or small groups that share the same ethnicity, age, or even shopping habits. As they say “birds of a feather flock together.” By distributing your flyer advertisements in the right place, at the right time, your business can capitalize on having a collection of your target audience ready and available for your message.


Flyer advertisements are flexible channels for clear, concise messages that easy to distribute, easy on the budget, and timely. It just makes good sense. Choose flyer advertising as part of your direct marketing campaign today.  

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